At Welltec® we develop and provide well technologies and solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our success is based on our ability to continuously create truly disruptive innovations to make the industry safer and more sustainable while achieving higher recovery. We are proud to say that our inventions have caused a revolution of the industry by enabling operations that simply were not possible earlier.

We are a truly solution-driven company where we develop and apply field proven technology to address the challenges of tomorrow’s needs. It is our goal to continuously push the boundaries of conventional oil field technology to their limits. We believe that through constant transformation we are capable of capturing the necessary improvements to assure a strong future for our stakeholders: the industry, our clients and employees.

The environment is close to our heart, which is why our technologies are lightweight. All our solutions are based on clean technology and a determination to enhance personnel safety and health while reducing the environmental risks, fuel consumption and carbon footprints.