Sonomatic – Innovative Inspection Technologies

Sonomatic is a worldwide organisation whose expertise in ultrasonic inspection design, development and application, dates back more than 30 years to our roots in the nuclear sector. Today the company has widened its focus and provides proven yet pioneering services to customers in the challenging oil and gas industry, both upstream and downstream, topsides and subsea.

Sonomatic’s capabilities for the development of software, equipment, scanners and bespoke developments, such as techniques for inspection through challenging coatings, coupled with the expertise of our engineers, means we are among the leaders within this highly specialised field.

As a leader in such techniques as TOFD (time of flight diffraction), Sonomatic has designed and continues to develop innovative inspection methods that are applied by our own team of experienced field service engineers.

Integration of the engineering and inspection services for non-intrusive inspection (NII) benefits the client by allowing vessels and equipment suitable for NII to be identified and reduces the need for costly plant shut downs to assess the internal condition.

Sonomatic is committed to providing accurate proactive inspection solutions that enable clients to manage the integrity of maturing assets, while making informed and cost-effective decisions crucial to the extension and safety of plant life.

Sonomatic is sponsored by EMDAD in Abu Dhabi.