People & Work Culture

Work environment is paramount and is the key to the overall success of the group. We are defined by our team members, and having the best people in the industry is what makes us great.
At Al Bawardi Enterprises we:

Value integrity

We follow the highest possible ethical standards reflecting professionalism and trust.

Value Relationship

We understand the significance and weightage, positive and professional relations carry. We reflect this with our clients and team members equally. We ensure to work towards earning the trust and value of this relationship.

Being Collaborative

We expect and value collaboration – it is a hallmark of our culture. A sense of community exists at our firm. Teamwork predominates.

Idea Flowing Culture

Ideas have no hierarchy. We strive to nurture a culture that will fire enthusiasm and inspire creativity. Our transparency and open architecture facilitate the exchange of ideas, giving each of us a voice and a responsibility. We value feedback for our own development and are willing to offer it to others.

Being Humble

We are focused on achievement, but are humble about our accomplishments and try to learn from our mistakes. We take what we do seriously, but we do not take ourselves too seriously.

Above all being Humanistic.

We recognize that careers and lives are not linear. The acceptance of this ebb and flow of life is an important part of who we are at Al Bawardi Enterprises