Al Bawardi Enterprises offers a wide array of services to its partners and clients:

  • Development and partnerships
  • Business development and sales promotion, Marketing
  • Representation and product agencies
  • Legal processing of company documentation and visas (also high volume)
  • Office space and logistics
  • Labour camps and related services
  • Import/export customs processing
  • Manpower deployment and human resources as a service
  • etc.

Governmental Services / Public Relations Services

Due to the very nature that Al Bawardi Enterprises sponsors various multinational companies sin UAE, it supports these setups to have legal presence using services of its Public Relations Department. These services compliment the robust business needs and help in achieving overall objectives of the group companies.

Please see below only a small list of services which the PR Department at Al Bawardi Enterprise provides to its clients and partners:

Abu Dhabi Chamber

  • Issuance of membership
  • Renewal of membership
  • Amendments on memberships
  • Cancelation of membership
  • Issuance of certifications
  • Certificate of Origin

Department of Economic Development

  • Trade name Booking
  • Issuance of commercial License
  • Renewal of Commercial License
  • Amendment of Commercial License
  • Cancelation of Commercial License
  • Handle all other affairs needed with the DED

Ministry of Labour

  • Performing Tasheel services typing and submissions
  • Open Quotas
  • Handling all employment relations
  • Handling Employment contracts
  • Issuance of labor cards
  • Issuance of establishment cards
  • Issuance of E signature
  • Handle cancelations
  • Handle all related transactions with ministry of labor

Judicial Department – Notary Public

  • Prepare the document needed for the services
  • Perform the online application
  • Book appointment with the notary public
  • Accompany the client to the notary public

General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs

  • Performing all typing services
  • Issuance of establishment card
  • Open quota
  • Submission of working visas
  • Submission of VISA
  • Submission of residency


  • Perform the typing for new and renewal of the EMIRATES ID
  • Book appointment in the Emirates ID for applicants
  • Accompany applicants for their appointments