Welcome to Al Bawardi Enterprises

Al Bawardi Enterprises is a 100% Emirati-owned group of companies with diverse interests and investments. These businesses take several forms, including operating divisions, wholly and partially owned subsidiaries, joint ventures and sponsored companies.

Since its inception in 1979 as Al Bawardi Oil & Gas, the group has expanded its activities and investments from Oil & Gas products and services into many other areas, like Electrical Equipment, Computers, Telecommunications, Corporate Services, Management System Consultancy and Training, and Advertising/Marketing, etc. This growth would not have been possible with the close cooperation with our international partners with whom we have formed various partnerships, ranging from product agencies to jointly formed and operated companies.

The home base of Al Bawardi Enterprises is Abu Dhabi and the UAE where the majority of the companies are located. However, the international spread has been extended in recent years with various offices established internationally. Other than that many of our business partners and principals are located all over the world.

Al Bawardi Enterprises is constantly exploring new areas of business to expand and diversify the footprint of its business.