History of Al Bawardi Enterprises

Al Bawardi Enterprises has truly followed the footsteps of UAE with regards to strategy and growth in various industry sectors. Looking back, in the year 1979, Al Bawardi Enterprises started with a very humble setup and a dedicated but loyal micro team under its flagship company Al Bawardi Oil and Gas (Now Emdad). Over the decades, it ventured and establish growth from one industry sector to the other. Be it Information Technology, Advertisement and Marketing, Manpower and Recruitment, Management System Consultancy and Training or as robust as Real Estate. Over the last four decades, the leadership team has established its presence in Abu Dhabi, UAE and the region.

Emdad is an example of strong vision. The small trading company established in the initial years, successfully secured representation from the world’s most prestigious brand names in the Oil& Gas Industry. However knowing the market expectations and client requirements it did not limit itself to trading only. It went further venturing into value-added services such as cementing, whipstock, shutdown maintenance, valve fabrication, OBM Operations and Cathodic Protection. Accordingly EMDAD developed into a group of companies with daughter companies such as Emjel, Prezioso, InterGulf Contracting, Emdad Services etc.

Al Bawardi Enterprises has adopted and embraced new challenges and technologies as and when the time was ready for it. In the mid-eighties when the PC revolution changed the business practices, Al Bawardi Computers (now ITQAN) were the first to offer emerging technologies that extended from basic hardware to enterprise-wide applications and later web-based solutions. Al Bawardi Enterprises has been the pioneer to invest in an IT-related business since then. ASPGulf is one such example o which has been the market leader in providing state of the art IT solutions from its beginning, and has recently developed into a managed solutions provider.

In the nineties, in tune with the global trend, AE moved into new segments such as Medical Equipment, Interior Design and Office Furniture, Telecommunications, e-business, e-commerce, marketing and advertising and niche contracting.

After the year 2000, Al Bawardi Enterprises evolved further thereby renaming/relaunching it’s brand names: Tatweer, Emdad, ITQAN, Tahjeez, Furnicon and Grafik International. All were well thought-of visions which provided diversification and access to new markets.

The years after 2010 brought in new business activities such as Masader in Manpower and Recruiting, Emjel for Cementing and various other new business activities.

In 2015 EMDAD moved its head office to the prime location Etihad Towers at the Abu Dhabi Corniche, with the Strategic Headquarter of Al Bawardi Enterprises following suit. This location is providing direct access to ADNOC and many other government entities and commercial partners.

Year 2016 saw Al Bawardi Enterprises adding entering a new sector with Dar Khebrat Facility Management Services.

In 2016, Al Bawardi Enterprises also proposed and deployed a PR / Mobility Assistance team for Accenture in UAE.

The year of 2018 has seen the 30 years’ anniversaries of our longest partnerships outside the Oil&Gas business being Oracle and ATIS! This being ample proof of Al Bawardi Enterprises providing a reliable business environment and partnership over very long periods of time.