Valentine Maritime Ltd

Valentine Maritime Ltd. is an offshore construction company founded in 1990 to serve the offshore Oil and Gas industry in the region, including the east coast of Africa and the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

We specialize in the construction, installation, maintenance and sub-sea inspection of offshore platforms and submarine pipelines, as well as the chartering of barges and marine vessels. We are also geared to carry out major EPC offshore projects with our team of professionals, modern equipment and facilities while adhering to a strict code of conduct to ensure the highest level of safety of all personnel.

Currently, Valentine Maritime has the following affiliate companies:

  • Valentine Maritime (Gulf) LLC – UAE
  • Valentine Maritime Saudi Company Ltd.
  • Saudi Arabia Valentine Maritime (Mauritius) Ltd.
  • Mauritius Ocean Marine FZC – UAE

The company has overseas offices in:

  • VML – Hamriya Free Zone – United Arab Emirates
  • Valentine Maritime (Gulf) LLC – Bahrain branch


Incorporated in June, 1990 as a Limited Liability Liberian Company. In June 1992, VML started its activities and acquired its first major marine asset, the Derrick Lay Barge Regina-250.

The Company has targeted the Marine, Oil and Gas markets in the region encompassing the Mediterranean, Red Sea, the Gulf area, East coast of Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

VML operated under the flag of Maridive and Oil Services till late 1995 when the company started trading and contracting directly under its own name. Valentine Maritime Ltd. was successful in securing and executing projects in countries like the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, India, Yemen & Tanzania.